Career Coaches

Worklife has provided resources, learning and support for career coaches since 1979. Whether you are an in-house career coach (working within an organisation) or a private practitioner, Worklife can enhance your existing skills and assist in developing new skills. Our Career Coach Certification Program (CCCP) and coaching resources have assisted thousands of coaches over the past 30 years. To find out more information on career coaching contact us.

Career Coach Certificate

This two-day workshop develops new skills related to career coaching, refines and enhances existing career coaching skills, and exposes you to the self-directed-search concepts Worklife subscribes to, through our Card Sort Discovery Tools. The CCCP workshop framework is Worklife's Career Development Process (CDP). The five stages of the CDP, take the client on his/her journey of self-discovery, investigation, and career planning - all guided by the experienced career coach.