Worklife provides a range of career support services to organisations. Our 'off the shelf' and customised solutions ensures your objectives are met and exceeded.
Key areas of support include:

Career Planning

Everyone has a career, but few people take the time to review their career and their levels of satisfaction. Organisationally, you, the company, and managers within the group are responsible for helping team members plan their career and navigate your organisation's career planning pathways. Worklife has a range of career planning resources and workshops to help you, your managers, and your team members. To find out more about Worklife's Career Planning solutions, contact us.


From time to time, organisations restructure and find themselves cutting back. When this happens you need to support displaced team members with professional, empathetic, and cost-effective outplacement services. Worklife offers a range of one-to-one and group outplacement services for any size organisation and any number of affected team members. To find out more about Worklife's Outplacement solutions, contact us.

Leadership Skills Development

To reach our full potential we sometimes need professional guidance and assistance. Worklife's enhancement solutions can boost the confidence of your team, provide practical support, and gain real momentum in delivering results. To find out more about Worklife's Leadership Skills Development solutions, contact us.

Executive Image & Stress Management

Often during a career transition or indeed in work situations, people lack the confidence to feel they are projecting their best possible image for success. Worklife's Executive Image & Stress Management solution looks at how individuals can maximise their confidence while minimising the stress that often correlates with a lack of confidence. To find out more about Worklife's Executive Image & Stress Management solutions, contact us.

Executive Coaching

Worklife's executive coaching support service connects you with a business-experienced, coaching-qualified executive who can help you fine-tune the approach to your career and current performance.


Mentoring is a partnership which gives people the opportunity to share their professional and personal skills and experiences, and to grow and develop in the process.  Worklife’s consultative approach to mentoring includes four stages ensuring a unique solution for your organisation is developed.